Monthly Coaching

Keen to do your own social media management but don't know where to start? Simple Life Social is happy to help you get started and make sure that you keep on track. 

We'll come to you or video chat for an initial meeting to look at your current efforts, insights, and how to move forward. We'll create goals and tasks for the coming month.

In subsequent monthly coaching sessions we'll look at the analytics from the previous month and how they'll affect what you do going forward. We'll look at how your progressing towards your goals and what tasks you'll need to do for the coming month.

$100 per hour

Group Training Session

If you're looking to get the whole team on board with your social media efforts, help them understand social media from scratch and how they can manage it themselves, Simple Life Social will come to you and deliver a customized training session. We'll come prepared with a social media audit of your current efforts and a comparison against two of your competitors. These training sessions are delivered over 2 seven-hour days.

We'll cover the following topic areas and work sessions:

  1. What is social media management and what's the big deal about social media?
  2. Getting your social media profiles up to snuff and how to keep them up-to-date.
  3. Setting goals for your social media efforts and how to see them through.
  4. How to view analytics and create evaluation reports.
  5. How to create quality content for your business:
    • Video: Filming, Editing and Publishing
    • Photography: Subject, Creative Eye and Publishing
    • Graphics: Concept, Creation and Publishing
    • Blogging: Keyword Research, SEO, Creating Content and Publishing
  6. Review and Question and Answer

$1500 for the entire session

Public Workshops

Simple Life Social does offer training workshops in a public setting that can be attended by anyone. They range in price, starting from free. Check out our calendar of events for the next workshop in  your area!