Management of Your Social Media Profiles

Social Media Audit
The first step Simple Life Social will take after you initially contact us is to perform a social media audit of your current effort. This is done prior to our first meeting to give us an idea of where you're at and what you've been doing so far. This audit also compares your digital presence against that of two of your competitors so that we can get a clear picture of what your potential customers are also seeing when they search online.

Initial Meeting
At our initial meeting, a representative from Simple Life Social will bring the Social Media Audit and go over our findings with you. We'll explain the strategy we think best for your business and talk about social media in terms you'll understand. 

Contract and Commencement
After we agree upon the right level of social media management for you and your business, Simple Life Social will create a contract that explains exactly what is required of both parties. We find this is a great way to be transparent and clear with both of our expectations. Once the contract is signed, we'll begin gathering information, any images and footage you may have to be placed in a content calendar that will serve your business goals.

Monthly Reporting
Simple Life Social will send you a monthly report that outlines our efforts and how they have affected your digital presence. We'll also include any recommendations moving forward into the next month or changes to consider to the strategy.

You'll receive a monthly invoice via email to be paid at the beginning of the month for that month. The following prices reflect our base prices and may be increased depending upon the size of your business and unique needs.

One Platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube) | $750
Each Additional Platform | $300

Ad Campaign Management

If you are looking to include advertising across these social media platforms, Simple Life Social will take care of all the intricasies involved in digital advertisment. We'll collaborate and/or create the image to be used, optimize the campaign and analyze the results. You'll receive a full report of the results from the campaign at it's completion or monthly report, whichever comes first.

The following price reflect our base prices and may be increased depending upon the media used in the ad and it's duration.

Ad Campaign Management | $300