Create profit and impact in person and online.

Simple Social Media Management

Decrease Time & Costs

Decrease the time you spend posting to Facebook and Instagram by 90% every day. Simple Life Social guarantees one post a day on Facebook and Instagram that follows your unique brand and strategy.

Increase Your Tribe

Increase your following and engagement by 20% each month (based on previous results with our clients).

Stop Stressin’

Focus your efforts on growing your business through actual conversations and facilitating sales rather than creating content. Stress less about your presence on social media and enjoy the time you spend interacting with your customers and clients.


1. Create a Social Strategy

Your first step is to book in for the one hours session with our director, Brie Timings. She will collaborate with you to find out your unique business goals and reasons for being on social media. Together you’ll create a content calendar for the next six months that show your sales and activities during those months that need to be highlighted.

The next step is to provide Simple Life Social with all the professional photos you have of the business that are already approved for social media usage.


2. Approve the Content

Simple Life Social will then take all the information as outlined in the branding questionnaire and content calendar. From that we’ll find relevant links and create captions and graphics to total 60 pieces of content.

After approval from you, those pieces of content will be scheduled and repurposed for the next six months of stress-free social media management.


3. Engage with Your Community

Now all you have to do is engage with the comments and messages that come in. Create the exceptional customer experience you never had time for before.

No matter what, you can relax knowing that your social presence is killin’ it and working to make you a profit and impact.

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What’s it going to cost?

The minimum commitment for the Simple Social Media Management is six months.
If paid upfront, this package is $1100+GST.
If paid in monthly installments, this package is $197+GST each month.