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Let's grab a virtual coffee together.

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Coaching Sessions

If you're in the Northland area, I'm happy to meet in person, however, I normally conduct coaching sessions in my Zoom meeting room. It's an online tool, similar to Skype where we can video chat and share screens if needed. I coach small business owners and their teams on all kinds of issues. Here are some examples of what you may need a coaching session for:

  • Introduction to Facebook
  • How to set up a business profile on Instagram
  • Help with your Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace site
  • Creating a digital strategy for your business

Basically, whatever you need help with in regards to social media, website or marketing systems, book in for an hour and we'll get started. I just want to help take away that stress and let you focus on what you're most passionate about - your business!

Coaching Sessions $100/hr

What happens when you book a Coaching Session?

  1. Click the button above and you'll be taken to my Facebook booking site.
  2. Choose an appointment time that works best for you.
  3. I'll send you an email to find out more about what you want to get accomplished in your coaching session.
  4. We'll attend the coaching session via Zoom.
  5. You'll receive an invoice!
  6. You then have the opportunity to schedule in for another session!

Come together with your team to get on the same page.


Get the Team Onboard

If you're looking to get the whole team on board with your social media efforts, help them understand social media from scratch and how they can manage it themselves, Simple Life Social will come to you and deliver a customized training session. We'll come prepared with a social media audit of your current efforts and a comparison against two of your competitors. These training sessions are delivered over 2 seven-hour days.

We'll cover the following topic areas and work sessions:

  1. What is social media management and what's the big deal about social media?
  2. Getting your social media profiles up to snuff and how to keep them up-to-date.
  3. Setting goals for your social media efforts and how to see them through.
  4. How to view analytics and create evaluation reports.
  5. How to create quality content for your business:
    • Video: Filming, Editing and Publishing
    • Photography: Subject, Creative Eye and Publishing
    • Graphics: Concept, Creation and Publishing
    • Blogging: Keyword Research, SEO, Creating Content and Publishing
  6. Review and Question and Answer

$1500 for the entire session

Your website is your online real estate.


Website Design Using Squarespace

While Squarespace is a very user friendly website to use, we understand that you may not have the focus or time to create your own site. But having a website is crucial to your online presence. Depending on your needs for your business, we'll choose a template together that gives the feel functionality you need.

Design starts at $1000

Sometimes you just need a little help and support to get your website to do what you want it to. I can help you with that and take the stress out of your online real estate. 

Support $50/hr

Website Support for Squarespace and Wordpress