Innovative Education Tier 1

Give your team the confidence that they can make an impact.

Innovative Educator Tier 1

Increase Enrolment

Increase your enrolment numbers by 20% through a streamlined admissions process and complete online marketing suite.

Decrease Time & Costs

Decrease the time and costs associated with the admissions process for both you and the student.

Gain Insights & Strategy

Provide both your admissions and marketing team with six months of ongoing training to successfully implement the marketing and admissions strategy.

Innovative Educator Tier 1

Let’s Start with Admissions

The Innovative Educator Tier 1 Package includes a complete review of your admissions process that stems deep into the attitudes, motivators and processes of your staff.

During this stage, Simple Life Social will also follow up with students who have both chosen to attend your institute and those who haven’t, to find out their reasons and motivators.

From this collaboration, Simple Life Social will provide your team a complete, step-by-step strategy plan for streamlining and innovating your admissions process. By taking all perspectives into view, you’ll be confident to bring in more students, more efficiently and effectively, knowing exactly how to action that success.



Then We’ll Work With Marketing

The Innovative Educator Tier 1 Package also includes a comprehensive review of your marketing plan. During this phase, Simple Life Social will study your brand, brand voice, marketing materials (including website, printed materials, online reviews, social presence) and activities to hone a brand image that in in-line with your vision, values and culture to attract your ideal student.

By studying all aspects of your marketing presence, Simple Life Social will provide your team with an all-encompassing strategy plan for increasing the enrolment of your ideal student. At this point in the process, Simple Life Social will also set you up with the tools you need to be successful including Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics and a six-month subscription to The Innovation Resource Library.

Innovative Educator Tier 1

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