5 Legit Reasons You Need to Make Videos

5 Legit Reasons You Need to Make Videos

To get better outcomes in your use of social media Northland for marketing, you need to implement the use of videos in your social strategy. Making videos does require resources. As a social media New Zealand user, you are likely to be stuck asking yourself, “is investing in the creation of videos for social media worth it?” As part of our social media coaching and promoting our learn social media New Zealand policy, we will show you why using videos is extremely important.

1.    Videos Will Boost Sales and Conversions

Studies indicate that 74% of people who have watched a video explaining how to use a product buy the product. Remember, vision is the most dominant sense in the human brain. It is much easier to convince someone to buy your product via the video than when you are using text.

2.    Videos Do Have a Great ROI

ROI here stands for Return on Investment. Video production is not the cheapest or easiest task. However, it pays off really well. One thing to always keep in mind is that your videos do not need to be perfect. What matters to your potential customers is the content. Therefore, you do not need to use too much of your money in creating your marketing videos.

3.    Videos Can Help You Build Trust

Trust forms the foundation for sales and conversions. When compared to other methods of marketing, videos have the ability to ignite emotions and even engage your audience. Your potential clients get to learn about your business in a much better way when watching your video.  This makes them believe more in your product and business. Nobody wants to buy from a business they do not know well. Also, no one wants to buy a product they do not understand. People fear frauds and cheating. Videos convince them that you are not a fraud or a cheater.

4.    It Will Help with Ranking on Search Engines

Google does like content that has videos in it. This tells you that you do not need to use videos only on social media. You can also use the videos on your company website to make sure that you rank high in the search engine results page. Google gets billions of search queries on a daily basis. Getting a portion of this traffic to your business website will boost your business.

5.    Videos are Appealing to Mobile Device Users

Most people are using mobile devices to access content on the internet. YouTube reports that each and every year, video views on mobile devices rise by 100%. When you invest in creating a video to market your business, you will have a bigger reach. More people knowing about your business will boost your sales. Google reports that smartphone users are twice more likely to buy from a business than people who view your company video on a TV and 1.4 times more likely than desktop users.


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