4 Crucial Reasons You Need a Social Media Strategy

What Is A Social Strategy and Why It's Important

As a social media Northland user, you have probably heard of the term social strategy. Maybe you did not know what it is. Social strategy refers to how your business/company/organization utilizes social media to achieve your communication aims. The social strategy will also encompass the tools and supporting platforms that will ensure you achieve the aims.

At the very basic level, the social strategy will involve you and your team outlining your goals and measurable objectives for making use of social media. While it may not be a detailed plan of action, it has to be available.

Without a social strategy, it will be extremely hard for your social media manager to come up with the actual action plan.


Why You Need the Social Strategy

1.    Social Media Influences Purchasing Decisions

Statistics show that almost half (to be exact, 46%) of the people on social media are using the platforms while already thinking of making a purchase. Over 40% of the social media users will decide what to purchase based on what they have already seen on social media.

These statistics are why social media New Zealand users should not ignore the social networks. These percentages will continue growing.

At Simple Life Social, when we are doing our social media coaching, we always encourage people who want to learn social media New Zealand to focus on having a strategy so that they can better reach their target audience and influence what they purchase.

2.    It Will Help You Measure the Social Media Campaigns Success

Without a clear strategy, it is hard to know whether your campaigns are successful or not. Maybe you have a social media presence and you post content so that you can appear active.

Now, without the strategy, how are you supposed to know whether the content you post is contributing positively in any way to your company? What if the content is pushing people away from your brand?

With a strategy, you will get to know whether your campaigns are succeeding or you need to implement change to optimize them.

3.    A Social Strategy Will Help You Use Influencers


Most social media Northland users already know that peer influence can increase conversion rates. People will trust feedback from another customer more.

Influencers are on every social media platform. You can use these influencers to help your company gain credibility and also pass your message across to your potential customers.

However, unless a social strategy is in place, you won’t be able to determine how to use the influencers. You won’t even have the ability to create measurable goals and objectives for when you use them.

4.    Social Media Can Destroy or Build Your Reputation

As a social media New Zealand user, you have probably come across a situation where a company is receiving negative criticism and being trolled on social media. This can destroy the company’s reputation. If the company does not have a social strategy, it is hard to know how to respond to the backlash.

While we cannot predict people’s opinions and comments towards our content, we can have the following in place:

  • Crisis Management Plan

  • Preapproved messaging

  • List of decision makers and contacts

  • Decision Tree for the Crisis Issue

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