3 Ways SLS Will Help You Get Your Videos MADE

 You're a business owner or employee who knows that your company needs to be making video for social media, since it is the most viewed type of post on the internet. But the idea of making videos can be daunting and even if you have managed to make a great video, it's probably been months since you posted it. Trying to make the right video for your business can be difficult and knowing what to say or how to film it can be a tricky task. Take a deep breath. We are here to help you!  Below are a few ways we can lend a hand:


1. Planning

We can help you make a plan for what videos you would like to create. Together we'll brainstorm ideas, imagery and how to get your message across. We'll talk about ways to produce those videos and how to make them pop, whether it be a comical script or the right location.


2. Production

Simple Life Social can come out to your business and film and edit the videos for you. Having and knowing how to use the right software can make a huge difference when it comes to putting a video together. We also have the experience behind making videos to aid in the best design for them.


3. Post-Production

If you have footage that you've taken, but are unsure how to make it spectacular, Simple Life Social can take if from here and return your video to you in a ready-for-social-media package. This can often been the quickest way to get out your video content to your community.

Making videos for social media doesn't have to be stressful. Social media doesn't have to be stressful. It's meant to be fun and interactive, so let's chat about what this means for your business. Send us an email and we'll start the conversation!

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