The Correct Way to Use Images in Your Social Media Posts

The Correct Way to Use Images in Your Social Media Posts

Engagement is the one common thing that business owners are always looking for in their social media posts. Social media Northland users are more into visual content than they are into text. This means that if you are to get any engagement from social media New Zealand users and other users from around the globe, you have to include images in your posts.

As a social media manager, you are likely to wonder how you are supposed to use images on social media correctly. Our major goal at Simple Social Life is social media coaching and hence, we will show you how to use images on your social media networks the right way.

Figure Out Which Images Will Drive Engagement

Image sourcing or even creation will cost money and time. Therefore, you will want to do it right. Before you even allocate time and resources to creating images, you need to do your own research and figure out the kind of visual content that your audience will find appealing.

This is actually easier than you might think. Look at the historical social media data you have for each and every social media network that your business is active on. Determine which visual content caused the most engagement and why this happened.

Create and Source the Images

After figuring out which images have the potential to drive engagement on your social media networks, it is time to start sourcing the images you need. The process of image sourcing and creation can be a little bit intimidating if you do not have a team to help you with the designing and you are not sure where you should start. Below, we offer you some simple tips to help you out:

  • Photography This may require you to invest in a good camera. However, smartphone cameras do work too.

  • Graphic Design You can do this yourself or even hire a freelancer to do it for you.

  • Purchasing Your Images If graphic design and photography do not work for you, you can purchase custom images from sites like or

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Tips on Using the Images

1.    Use the Right Sizes

Your images need to be the right size if you need them to drive engagement. The following are the best sizes for the different social media networks:

  • Twitter: 1024 X 512

  • Facebook: 1200 X 620

  • Instagram: 1080 X 1080

  • LinkedIn: 800 X 800

  • Pinterest: 735 X 1102

  • Google Plus: 800 X1200

2.    Use Different Image Types

You want to drive engagement and not to bore your audience. Mix things up by using different image types. Examples of the types of images to use include action images, screenshots, text images, etc.

3.    Include A CAPTION

A caption is much more than describing what’s happening in the photo. While a picture grabs your attention, the caption is where you tell the stories that draw your ideal clients and customers into your passion, product and community.

4.    Make Your Images Stand Out

If your images look the same as what all the other people are posting, you will not get noticed. Try to engage your customers by including little things about life in your images which remind them about your brand.


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