What is Social Media Management and Why is It Crucial to Your Small Business?

Marketing has traditionally been the interruption of life as a catalyst to an emotional response that will cause you to remember the product, brand, event, etc. For example, a billboard obstructs our view, a commercial takes us away from our favorite T.V. show, or a seemingly endless string of magazine ads before the article we wish to read. But as the world condenses into an ever-growing internet community, marketing also has to evolve, and one of these streams of relational evolution has become social media management. So what is social media management? It includes the following four aspects:

what is social media management for small business


As a business, your presence on social media requires a complex strategy that adds value to the lives of your target audience, causing them to see your business as a leading source for your product or service. Quality over quantity is always better when it comes to social media and the strategy you put in place will allow that content to help you exceed your business goals.


Content is what you're posting to your social media platforms. It needs to be carefully curated to express your business's personality, goals and target market. It's important to have a variety of content in relation to your strategy to optimize your reach, following and engagement.


There is always an opportune time to post content to your social media platform that will attract your followers and get the most engagement. There is an art and science behind pushing the "Post" button, and it doesn't have to take up a lot of your time. Scheduling posts along with your strategy and target audience habits in mind will pull all your efforts together for a seamless and successful online presence.


A crucial part of your social media strategy must be evaluation. Every campaign, goal and effort should be analyzed after a specified time to make sure that your business is staying on track, engaging with people who care about your product or service and increasing its presence in the digital world. A look into your Return On Investment, Search Engine Optimization and organic growth are all part of this important part of social media management.

So why is it crucial to your business?

If you’re not on social media, you don’t have a business. The hard truth is that people are looking for your business on social media. Right now. They’re looking for before and after photos of renovations on Pinterest. They’re searching for easy recipes on Facebook. They’re scrolling through LinkedIn to find a reputable accountant. They may not know your specific company name, but they’re looking for your products and services on social media, and if you’re not on it, they won’t find you.

Just as important as being on social media, is having a social media strategy. Strategically posting on social media takes more than just a few minutes a day. It requires research, curation of photos, colours and fonts. It requires engagement with your followers and actively seeking out new followers and potential business. Even if you have thought about a strategy as a business owner, and you have tried implementing it yourself, it is all too common to get busy at work and leave your business Facebook page barren for months.

A social media manager is hired to make the time to create and implement an ongoing strategy that works with your business goals. They engage with your followers, customers and potential business on your behalf with the product knowledge, guidelines and tone you have set for your business. Essentially, a Social Media Manager focuses on your digital presence so that you can focus on what you do best, your business.