YouTube: What Exactly Is It?

YouTube is a social media platform based solely on uploading videos and allowing the public to access them for free. While your audience cannot download these videos, they can share them and even embed them elsewhere. YouTube also has a few specific offshoots that select videos of a distinct nature.

What is YouTube.png

YouTube Red
YouTube Red is a paid membership that allows you to watch YouTube videos ad-free and save videos to watch offline. 

YouTube Music
YouTube Music is an offshoot of YouTube that only curates music and music videos.

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids is an App that allows parents to carefully curate the videos available to their children, while providing easy-to-use controls and only family friendly content.

YouTube Gaming
YouTube Gaming is an offshoot of YouTube that curates new and existing gaming content in one place so that you don't access any videos except gaming when doing a search. It also offers both live and on-demand video game content.

If you're wondering whether your business should be on YouTube, there are a couple of things to consider first:

  1. Do you or one of your employees actually have time to create videos and upload them to YouTube? This process requires thinking up the videos, recording and editing, as well as creating thumbnails and posting to social media to draw traffic.
  2. Do you have the equipment to create the videos? Depending on the type of videos you are creating, your mobile phone may work well. However, if you're doing a lot of interview type videos when speaking to people, you may need to consider lighting, microphones, a better camera and tripod.
  3. What aspects of your business should be shown through video? How-To's, virtual tours, meet the staff, see the facility, funny videos, etc.

Video is the number one form of media that people want to see on social media, whether that is YouTube or not. It is important that you think about starting to create videos and do some research. Whether or not you choose to use YouTube as a main social source, you should be considering video on your other platforms.

If you have any questions, send me an email! I'd be happy to help you in this social journey.