Starting Simple Life Social was not an uncomplicated process for me. After accepting the role of Associate Director at a private vocational institution in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I found myself taking on multiple roles within the business.

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During this process I also looked at ways of cutting back the budget, a large part of which was spent on marketing dollars that I didn't think were be used wisely by the marketing agency we had hired at the time.

Like many businesses, we had hired a marketing agency on a monthly retainer to take care of the advertising portion of the business, because we had no member of staff to take care of this area and little of idea of what to do with that whole digital world.

As I looked more closely, I found that what we were paying big bucks for each month wasn't making the impact we had hoped it would.

So after five years of partnership, I decided to take on the role of marketing agency myself, along with my other hats and flung myself into the world of social media.

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While it was confusing at first, I learned by trial and error, studying and watching what other successful brands were doing. Slowly but surely I gained confidence in the world of social engagement and content creation. Other small business owners and colleagues sought out my advice on social media and best practices online.

I became an expert in all things online marketing without even realizing it.

In 2017, my husband and I decided to make a drastic change in the life of our family and move back to New Zealand where he was originally from. This paradigm shift has caused me to re-evaluate my life and business endeavors.  

Knowing what it's like to own and run a company, I want to help educate small business owners and their staff about social media, if not take over their entire social strategy in the attempt to allow them to focus on what they're really great at (business) and keep life simple.

Hence, Simple Life Social.


Brie Timings
Founder & CEO