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Being a leader doesn’t have to be so stressful.

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As the leader of your organization, are you feeling out of control?

Do you think your staff are doing one thing only to find out that it hasn’t been done for years and nobody has a consistent process to get the results you need?

Do you stare at a bunch of Excel spreadsheets, reports and tasks, but find that your profit isn’t gaining momentum?

Do you feel a disconnect between your vision and the motivations of your team?

[Brie’s] guidance and directives took us from a million dollar gross revenue college to over two million annually and firmly established us as the leading college in Canada.
Her energy and enthusiasm is intoxicating and if you follow her suggestions the results will bring you that same excitement.
— Randy Ellingson, Wellington College

Get the human to human support you need.

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Complete Marketing Suite

Simple Life Social will study your brand, brand voice, marketing materials and activities to hone a brand image that is in-line with your vision, values and culture to attract your ideal customer.

By studying all aspects of your marketing presence, Simple Life Social will provide your team with an all-encompassing strategy plan for increasing the purchase value of your ideal customer.

You will receive the setup and training needed to understand Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics.

Process Overhaul

Simple Life Social will conduct a complete review of your sales process that stems into the attitudes, motivators and processes of your staff.

This review dives deep into the current strategy and planning in place and works to transform those systems into a well-oiled machine.

From this collaboration, Simple Life Social will provide your team a complete, step-by-step strategy plan for streamlining and innovating your sales process. Simple Life Social will then set up those strategies and processes, training your staff each step of the way to make sure it is implemented properly and effectively.

You will also gain confidence in your team to nurture customers more efficiently and effectively and know exactly how lead them in the direction for success.


Your team will be provided the exact step-by-step plan for both the marketing suite and process overhaul. Simple Life Social will then provide the training needed to execute those plans with a six-month subscription to the Innovation Library, full of training videos and tutorials for the plans provided. You also have the option of bringing in Simple Life Social to implement those plans first-hand and make sure it’s set up for success.


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Simple Life Social is on a mission to empower businesses and organizations in New Zealand and beyond to leverage online marketing and innovative systems to reach their unique business goals.

Founder and CEO, Brie Timings, works with businesses, organizations and educational institutions to step up their game and achieve their goals through a deep dive into what their currently doing, the motivations behind the team’s work ethic and ways of improvement. She then creates a custom plan for moving forward that includes a complete marketing suite, process overhaul, training and implementation.


You have a unique path to success.

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The Story

I'm no millionaire with a five-step path to success.

You have a unique path to success that will take hard work. I want to help you along your journey to understand your online presence and move closer towards your goals.

In 2017, I left my role as the Associate Director of a multi-million dollar corporation for a simpler life in New Zealand with my husband and three kids. 

Now I use my experience, knowledge and motivation to inspire other small business owners in their own path to success.